Sunday, July 17, 2016

Madison County Fair

Two of my granddaughter's were entered in the Madison County Fair this weekend so we just finished up this morning. They did very well. Lindee showed a calf and Lanee showed sheep. Even though I was raised on a farm, I don't remember any of us kids showing sheep. After watching it this morning, I can tell you a lot of hard work goes into it. Yesterday when Lindee showed her bottle calf, Lucky, I took my camera out of the bag and realized I had left my SD card at home in the computer. Talk about a sick feeling!! Lesson learned...carry a 2nd SD card. So I only had my phone on me which doesn't take as good of pics. And she ended up getting first place. Her smile was non stop in that show ring!! (Just like in these pics). I was sitting next to her Mom and she said," she needs to quit smiling so much!!!" But I guess it won the hearts of the 2 judges and they did mention her smile as well.

Lindee with her calf, Lucky

This was Lanee's first year at showing sheep and she did an excellent job. They can be tough to handle. As you can see they just use their hands and bodies to maneuver them around the ring.

Lanee with her sheep, Donut

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