Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tenth Annual Open House

Hi Stampers,

I just held my 10th Annual Open House last night and today. I had a great crowd this year and some wonderful sales. I did a ton of baking/cooking too. The ladies that come always seem to enjoy this get together. Beings I sell Gold Canyon Candles as well as Stampin Up, I incorporate the two. Below are some pictures I took before the fun began!

Last Sunday my 2 granddaughters came over and helped me make these adorable spooky creatures.

Then I made a Pumpkin Chocolate yummy!!

                                     And some Pumpkin bars

 I also made some chicken salad served on croissants, a hot corn/pepper dip served with chips, and rhubarb bars. And last but not least I couldn't forget the chilled wine!! 

The girls helped me carry all my goodies upstairs. Boy were they a lot of help!! It was a lot of trips up and down those steps!
I always have a clearance table or one of a kind table.

                      Lots of seasonal Gold Canyon Candles and the new Jewelry and warmers.

I spent many hours making Stampin Up items. The hot sellers seemed to be the Popcorn boxes.

And each person that walked through the door got one of these cute bags!!

              I hoped you enjoyed my tour of my Open House.

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