Sunday, March 24, 2013

The beginning of my Studio

It all started here.

I painted it all myself..walls, name it!!

Finally the cabinets arrived.

The flooring is here!!!

I love the flooring. It is so easy to upkeep.

My son, Nick, hooking up the plumbing.

My punches that I keep on Ikea's bygel rails.

My granite it.

I love the upper cabinets. This idea came from Lori Mancini who lives in Canada.

The baskets inside the cupboard came from Thirty One.

I purchased these from love love them.

This is my travel wall. These are canvas pictures that I had made from some of my travels to Italy and Germany. I have many, many more to display.

I spent many, many months planning for my new studio. I got so many ideas from Stampin Up members and spending a ton of time on blogs looking for ideas. I'm posting pictures from the beginning.


  1. Your room is absolutely beautiful! Wow! It turned out so nice!!

  2. Love your studio! Cheryl (one of Peggy's downline)

    1. May I repost to Pinterest?

    2. Thank you Cheryl. I would be honored to have it posted on Pinterest....thank you.

    3. Thanks Sherry! I pinned them to my Craft Organization board.